Repairing of posts on Pott Shrigley FP 6 and 7 at Andrew’s Knob off Bakestonedale Road

On completion of ECR Project Team’s build of new steps on Pott Shrigley FP 9 on Gausie Brow, Nick Wild and Brian Richardson undertook to repair a finger post at the intersection of FP 7 with FP 6. A broken plastic finger was replaced and the post re-set to indicate FP 6 southwards; and new disks were added to indicate the true orientation of FP 7 towards Sherrow-Booth’s driveway. We were asked by the field owner to discourage ramblers from crossing his field in incorrect directions.

A new waymarker post was placed on FP 7 where it meets the private driveway to Sherrow-Booth , at the request of the driveway’s owner. A yellow cap was painted on this post to aid sighting its location from the aforesaid finger post.

About four man-hours work was sufficient to complete this task. The waymarker post was supplied by CEC PROW.