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This map shows walks planned in the specified time period. Click the date boxes to change the dates. All types of walk are shown to start with but you can change that by clicking the tick boxes at the right.
Date:  On which date is the walk?
Type of Walk:Which type is the walk?
Details:  What are the details of the walk?
Name:  What is your name?

This map will help you if you are planning a walk and can't decide where to start from. It shows everywhere that we have started from in recent years. You can zoom into the map by using the buttons at the top left. Use the location box to select a specific starting point - start typing the name and select from the displayed list. Or you can put a place name or grid reference in the box. Hit enter when you have finished.
Revive memories of past walks with the help of this page. Select a time period, types of walk and optionally a starting point then click the Go button to see the walks.