Start a route by clicking the 'Start Route' button. All the points that we have started walks from in the past are marked by icons and you can start from one of those known points by clicking on the appropriate icon. The icons disappear when you choose a start point.

Define the route by clicking on the map. You can pan the map by dragging it and zoom using your mouse wheel. Alternatively there are tools at the top left of the map to do both these things. You can move any of the waypoints by dragging them or delete any except the start point by ctrl-clicking. You can insert a new intermediate waypoint by clicking on the route line at the appropriate place. Note that the line changes colour to green to show that you are on it. If the route is a circuit click on the start point to close it. It may be that you want to re-use part of the outward route to get back to the start point. In that case alt-click on the point at which you want to join the existing route and a set of points taking you back to the start point will be created.

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