Surface improvements to the Gritstone Trail near Hedge Row (lane), near Sowcar, Bollington

The surface on the Gritstone Path (Rainow FP 28) north of Hedge Row, both on the approach and at the first kissing gate, has deteriorated due to rambler footfall. This has caused erosion and subsequent deep puddle water at both places. In this circumstance, negotiating the k-gate was especially constricted because of its railings.

Two of the Project Teams members, Nick Wild and Roger Jubb proposed to carry out refurbishment work. Gravel was taken from ECR Project Team’s temporary stockpile in Ingersley Val and stacked by the GT path at Hedge Row (40 bags at 15 kg each -approx. 0.6 tonne in all), for use in the repairs. Brian Richardson providing materials transport.

Both ‘hollows’ were drained by digging outlet channels, and both these and the hollows were filled with 20 mm limestones. The stone on the approach path was contained by placing side timbers (50 x 200 mm cross-section) with support stobs on the lower outlet side. The stone-filled drainage channels were covered with turves. Approximately 30 bags of stones were spread, and ten bags transported onwards to Gaussie Brow steps. (For the latter, see website article)

Their finished work has been captured in photos of an ECR Ramblers walk on the trail.

Roger and Nick each carried out four man-hours work on these tasks on Friday 6th August ’21. A vaste improvement.