ECR Committee Meeting Minutes 11-08-20


                       Tuesday 11 August 2020

Meeting held at 2.30pm in Jane Gay’s garden and it closed around 4.40pm.


Colin Finlayson

Dave Barraclough

Jane Gay

Kathryn Carty

Keith Anderson

Maggie Swindells


Apologies from Sue Munslow


The minutes of the previous meeting held on May 5 were approved.


No matters arising.


This is clearly the most important issue for discussion, how to proceed to get walks reinstated from September 2020, in accordance with guidelines from Head Office (HO).

  1. Volunteer role. To comply with HO’s rules any walk leader has to be recorded on the system as having a volunteer role.  Jane has been busy in discussions with HO and it has finally been agreed that we can send a list of walk leaders and their membership numbers (we don’t need to ask individual members for these) to HO and they will register them as walk leaders.  We felt strongly that we would have lost walk leaders if individuals had to self register.  It was considered whether we ought to just register everyone but was decided that, as well as not going down well with HO, this would result with everyone being bombarded with emails re unrelated volunteering issues.

At the time when Jane spoke to Steve Butterfield (Area secretary) we only had 17 volunteers registered.

A membership list is held by Sue as membership secretary so we should be able to extract a list of walk leaders from this.

  • Risk assessment. The keeping of a formal risk assessment is mandatory and so we have no choice but for walk leaders to keep one if we wish to get a walk programme up and running.  This needs to be kept either on paper or electronically for 12 months. All boxes do not have to be ticked. Walk leaders will be responsible for keeping such records.  They will not be passed to walk coordinators.  We have no idea if their existence will ever be checked.

The committee intends to write to the CEO and Chairman of the Trustees to object to non-Covid related issues being brought into the risk assessment.  It was felt there should have been consultation before the guidelines were sent to volunteers. In the meantime, however, in order to get walks restarted, we needed to comply by completing the form as issued by HO.  Printed risk assessment stencils could be taken to walks to hand out as required in the hope this will limit objections.

  • Register.  A register has to be kept of walk attendees so that this information could be passed to a track and trace team should this be necessary.  A record of the name and telephone number of each walker is therefore required.  There is an available stencil and again this could be printed and handed to walk leaders.  After some discussion it was felt this was the simplest method.  If we asked walkers to bring along a printed slip containing their contact details, half wouldn’t.  Additionally it would be another thing to ask for.  The register only needs to be kept for 21 days.  People can use the app if they so wish but a written register is sufficient.
  • Advertising the walks.  Roger will help however he can.  If a coordinator sends him walks for four months (Sep to Dec) then he will put them all on the programme.  HO suggested shorter periods but it really doesn’t matter.  This is up to coordinators.  If they can only get walks for September finalised, then Roger will put these onto the system, and add others as and when.                                                            

It is our intention that Covid related advice is put on the website so that the leader doesn’t, for instance, need to advise walkers not to share food and drink!  Some generic statement could be a header before the list of forthcoming walks.

  • Walk numbers of a maximum of 30.  Firstly it was felt that such numbers are very unlikely even for short walks.  We don’t want a booking system as this just complicates things for the leader.  The simplest way of applying this rule is to say on the website that places will be offered on a first come first served basis.  So after the first 30 people have signed the register, any surplus would have to be turned away, a very unlikely scenario.  Should a walk leader want a booking system then he/she would have to provide their telephone number on the programme and ask would-be walkers to phone in advance and book on.



Treasurer’s report to end July 2020 included the following highlights since the last report of 5th May 2020.

  • All social events cancelled and members refunded where appropriate.
  • Little banking activity apart from annual peppercorn rents paid to land owners on the Charles Head permissive path.
  • Bank balance at 31/7/20 £6290.89.
  • 20/21 annual budget was reviewed on 23 July via Zoom and its basic constituents parts agreed.  Footpath committee with PROW (public rights of way) identified several potential improvement and maintenance projects requiring an estimated £8000 of funds from RA.  This was then revised down to £6000.
  • The final ECR budget was submitted to Area on 31 July.
  • £50 donations to Mountain Rescue are being randomly made to Glossop, Kinder, Buxton and Oldham.
  • FOOTPATHS  Dave Barraclough’s report included the following points
  1. The Footpath Committee has held one Meeting on 25th June.  The Agenda covered various routine items of progressing several footpath problem issues plus Diversions etc. There were no items of special concern to bring to the Main ECR Committee.
  2. The main business was to review the annual footpath inspection of all paths. Following the end of lockdown, it was hoped that inspections could restart and still be complete by the normal September 31st deadline. Tony Battilana wrote to all inspectors to encourage restart and check whether any inspectors will be affected by COVID19 – but none have been reported.
  3. We noted that recent changes in Ramblers Insurance mean our Footpath Inspectors will be insured under improved terms, including personal accident. We noted that, somewhat surprisingly, volunteers can register to enjoy ongoing cover without needing to be a member of Ramblers. (This seems to be in conflict to the requirement that limits non members to 3 walks before they should become members.)
  4. Footpath Inspections since CV19 lockdown ended are going well. Theyare actually well ahead of previous years. To the end of July 39% of footpaths have been inspected, significantly higher than 9% by July in 2019.It appears that inspectors have more time available to carry out their inspections. A limited number of problems have been reported to PROW who are dealing with them, although they are stretched by CV19 resource problems.
  5. Subsequent to the meeting, the ECR Budget Proposal for 2021 has included £8,000 (revised to £6000) for proposed footpath projects, an increase over previous years. This covers proposed trials on waymarks, fingerpost changes to sustainable materials and some requests from PROW for specific projects.
  6. Nicola Swinnerton from PROW (public rights of way) is looking at seeking permission for a new path through Savio House land and is asking for Ramblers to contribute.  We must consider this carefully as PROW has a statutory duty to fund projects and we don’t want to get sucked in to sharing costs unnecessarily.
  7. AOB

Minutes  Kathryn will continue to pass around draft minutes soon after a meeting and ask members for any additions or alterations.  Otherwise the minutes would remain draft until after the next meeting and until they had been updated following comments in that meeting.

Lost Ways

Keith had kindly offered to take over from Colin.  He had contacted Dominic Tooze (fairly new to his role as assistant to Jack Cornish at PROW) and Tooze had then sent Keith details of an Area role.  It was agreed that Keith should reply on the basis of only wanting to do work for the group, not the area.  Dave thought it possible that Tooze mistook East Cheshire Ramblers and Cheshire East Area to be one and the same, whereas, in fact, there were three groups (Congleton and South Cheshire in addition to ours).

Colin Park’s considerable effort has suggested 19 Lost Paths are worth further consideration.  This will be compared with the list of 5 paths suggested by the Footpath Committee from  the total list of 45 identified in the old Natural England review of Cheshire Lost ways that lie in the ECR area. Keith will work further on this list of 19.

Dave was working as a verifier on lost ways.  Other people had identified lost paths and Dave was checking these to see if they were correct and, more importantly, worth spending money on.  It seems the people identifying lost paths were not necessarily walkers, so may identify a path diagonally across a field when there was now a path around a field.  Whilst this may have been a former route it is obviously not worth pursuit.  Dave believed the cost of pursuing a single path would be at least £5000 so clearly it has to be worthwhile.  Otherwise, PROW’s budget will be decimated.

Christmas meals

Maggie explained that Theresa Marshall was reluctant to take deposits from individuals for the weekend meal if these were going to have to be returned due to cancellation of the event.  Colin said that ECR would pay the deposit and then it could be simply returned to ECR in the event of cancellation.  This would save a lot of effort.

Thanks to Jane

Committee members thanked Jane for all her hard work replying to members’ emails and calls related to Covid19 and for dealing with all the  correspondence from Head Office.


AGM planned for 14 November.

Christmas meals

Co-ordination of maintenance team


Thursday 1st October 1.30pm.


Friday 20th March 1.30 pm Stockport Guided Walk with Judith Wilshaw organised by Maggie Swindells  
 4th and 5th April National Conference  Bristol
Friday 12Th April  Start of fortnightly Strollers’ walking programme
Thursday 23rd April Bombay To Mumbai Indian – meal organised by Andy Davies
Friday 24th April to Sunday 26th April Long Walkers Weekend – Aberystwyth to be organised by Colin Park
Thursday 14th May Provisional start of evening walks organised by Steve Hull
Friday 19th to Sunday 21st June Weekend Away  Patterdale organised by Jane Gay POSTPONED TO 2021
Thursday 25th June Coach Trip Settle organised by Anne Thompson
Monday 29th June ‘Footpath Inspectors Gathering’  3.30 pm Macclesfield Tennis Club organised by the Footpath Committee
Thursday 2nd July ECR Walk Leader Training Macclesfield Tennis Club (more details to follow) POSTPONED
Saturday 4th July Walk with a Ranger organised by Jane Gay
Friday 7th August to Sunday 9th August Long Walkers Weekend – Anglesey (exact location to be decided) to be organised by Steve Hull
Thursday 20th August Meal following final evening walk provisional booking at Farm Made, Rainow organised by Nick Wild
Saturday September 5th Coach Trip organised by Gina Thompson and Maggie Swindells POSTPONED to 2021
Friday 18th to Sunday 20th Sep Ambleside Weekend away – Andy Davies
Saturday 12th September (date change) Walk with a Ranger organised by Jane Gay
Saturday 31st October Ceilidh and Supper at the Victory Hall Mobberley  organised by Tony Battilana
Saturday 14th November 2020 ECR AGM Macclesfield Tennis Club
30th November 2020 Ramblers Association Area AGM
Saturday 5th December Christmas Carol short walk – Jenny Bordoli
Saturday 12th December Week End Christmas Lunch at The Windmill organised by Teresa Marshall preceded by a walk organised by Jane and Frank Gay.


Good afternoon to you all

First and foremost I hope that everybody has had a safe lockdown. I do know that for some it has been a more difficult time than for others. It would seem that we are slowly returning to at least something that appears to be more like normal.

You will all have received the latest information from Ramblers which talks about small walking groups of up to 6 people. I have discussed this with the committee and all the walks coordinators. We all feel that for a club as large as ours there is little point in formal walking program which can only take five walkers. The amount of work that this would involve seems too far outweigh the benefit to the small number of people who would be able to walk in a formal programme.

People are forming groups of friends and organising walks amongst themselves. These are not Ramblers walks and are not insured. I think everybody realises this.

Small groups of friends can be set up using WhatsApp or email. If people want to do this but don’t have contact details of others please request these details by the 10th of July. I can then contact the person whose details are being requested and ask them if they are happy for me to share them. I will then hopefully pass these details on.

Obviously there lots of different ways of organising these groups of six but it has to be clear that this is an informal arrangement between friends which I am facilitating by sharing email addresses. Any walks which occur as a result of this arrangement are informal group walks and not Ramblers walks.

I am just giving you advanced notice that the trip to Ambleside in September has been postponed. The updated social program is now available on the website.

Patterdale has also been postponed until next June. I have made a booking for 18-21st June 2021. I have already informed all those who have booked on this year but I have booked additional rooms for anybody else who wishes to join us. If you would like me to send you the details of this year’s weekend so you have an idea of what to expect next year then please just email me. If you are happy to make a booking then the person you need to phone is Sam on (01253) 754260

Jane Gay 01625-427444

ECR Committee Meeting Minutes 5th May 2020


Start time 1.30 pm


Dave Barraclough

Jane Gay

Kathryn Carty

Keith Anderson

Maggie Swindells


The only absent committee member was Colin Finlayson.


The minutes of the last meeting held on February 3rd were approved.

  •  Thanks were expressed to Neil Collie for information re the Donkey Bridge at Pott Shrigley.  The work is done and there is an article on the website.
  • Lost Ways – Keith Anderson is interested in doing some work on this and is waiting to hear from Colin Park.
  • The annual General Council, which Jane and Steve Butterfield were due to attend, was cancelled.  No cost was incurred by ECR.

Jane has emailed coordinators and suggested that as soon as we receive a recommencement date, they prepare the programme for the first month and then concentrate on the rest of the schedule.

Dave suggested simply bringing forward the unused element of the current programme (Jan to June) and send that out to leaders and simply amend if walk leaders are unable to lead on the revised allocated dates.  This was considered to be a good suggestion which would be put to the all coordinators.  Jane would email them after Sunday.


Jane met Steve Butterfield re Area chair.  Diane Simcoe (Northern support officer for the Ramblers).  Jane mentioned ASSEMBLE a unified website all officers should be using. She had encountered some difficulties and Dave suggested all committee members try and log on or register and have a look how it works and familiarise themselves with it.  He will similarly ask the footpath committee.  He will forward the email from Wendy Halley.  Any thoughts on Assemble can be emailed to committee members.

  • Jane didn’t intend emailing ECR members about the present situation or restarting the programme until there was advice from Head Office. It was felt that there was clear advice on the Ramblers website.

Absent. Nothing to report.

Dave referred to an earlier email re relinquishing part of the budget and suggested in future all committee members be consulted. Jane, however, had been consulted and had agreed the course of action. Dave also wondered whether the treasurer could ask Ramblers if it is was their intention to extend the annual membership period to reflect the period of non-walking.  This was from the viewpoint of encouraging new members and retaining new members as the group was very aware of the competition from other walking groups and ECR membership not being seen as of comparable value for money. Other members of the committee said they were happy to pay the full subscription to support the Ramblers at this difficult time.

  • One recent query related to footpaths being illegally closed.
  • The closure problem near Mottram is now resolved.
  • Dave has spoken with Nicola Swinnerton who is the new part-time Rights of Way Officer with Cheshire East.  The post is shared with Evan Pedley who was persuaded to remain in post, now part-time.  Nicola is very enthusiastic.  She has access to the Ramblers footpath database and is initiating actions to rectify things and she would like to be able to write onto the database.  It needs to be clear to the user that any of her entries are hers, and not those of Ramblers.  There needs to be some way to differentiate.  Nicola’s enthusiasm is very welcome but she seems to think that ECR can be allocated lots of maintenance tasks whilst we really should decide what tasks to undertake.
  • The footpath committee meeting has been cancelled though they may have a Zoom meeting at the end of May.
  • Some footpath inspections have continued where paths are near the inspectors’ homes.  Maggie wondered if we could swap areas to coincide with paths close to home.  Whilst a good practical idea, Inspectors like to keep to their same patch and this does provide continuity and they can keep abreast of what needed doing and what has been achieved. 
  • Someone is needed to coordinate the working projects team.  Nick Brierley hasn’t enough time for coordinating teams to work big projects and general maintenance.

A list of jobs can be extracted from a database but it needs prioritising.

  • Nicola Swinnerton is keen to involve ECR in helping with non-statutory footpath maintenance tasks. ECR is happy to be asked for help but we must make her aware that this must join the queue of the existing tasks generated from the ECR footpath inspections. Also, the maintenance capability is currently undergoing a period of transition in its management, so it cannot be an instantly available resource.
  • We need to ask for volunteers. Dave was sure that Brian Richardson had a spreadsheet which included some 15 volunteers.  He will draft an email and send it to Brian to see what he thinks about it.  Chris Munslow will provide a list of maintenance people he worked with.
  • In discussions with Nicola Swinnerton it transpired that Cheshire East Rights of Way has had its budget cut by 20%.  Dave thinks he could lobby the appropriate people in Cheshire East.  He has contacts with Craig Brown, the deputy leader of the Council.  We have been advised to address next year’s budget.  Dave wondered if the Area could get together and send a joint letter.  Dave will put some input into this and liaise with Jane who will get the other Area groups on board.
  • Whilst inspections may not all be done before the AGM, they will have been by the end of the year.

Virtually everything has been cancelled. 

The Settle coach trip for the 3rd weekend of June is unlikely to go ahead.  Maggie will speak to Ann Thompson, the organiser, after Sunday. 

The Patterdale weekend has not yet been cancelled.  The hotel has been shut during April and May.  If we cancel then we will lose deposits, therefore we are waiting for the hotel to cancel.

The footpath inspectors’ social gathering is postponed until maybe next year.

The long walkers’ weekend in August has not yet been cancelled.  This is the organiser’s decision subject to Head Office guidance.

Maggie will advise the coach company that the September coach trip is likely to be cancelled.

No decision has been made on Andy’s weekend away at the end of September.

Maggie will contact Judith re the Stockport history tour to advise it won’t be going ahead.


There are 546 current members.  Two new members had joined just before lockdown. Some members had joined in January and then cancelled their membership in April but there were no further facts at present.  A few people haven’t renewed their membership.  Dashboard, a Ramblers tool, is available to Sue to obtain membership information.


Colin Park hasn’t been asked for any updates during the lockdown.

  • AOB
  • Keith had a question about re-routing a path. Apparently you can go on Cheshire East’s interactive maps.  Maggie thinks this brilliant.  She will send the link.  There is a link from our website on the footpath tab.  If you go on the interactive tab you can use the snipping tool and highlight where you want to walk and print off the map.
  • Dave alerted people to information from HO Ramblers on lost ways (called Don’t lose the way).  He urged the committee to look on the Ramblers site and log on to get and sign up for progress updates.
  • Dave said that there was a facility to compare a current OS map with an historic map so that differenced which looked like lost ways could be highlighted.  Once a member had accessed a square and highlighted the differenced no-one else could access the same square which was a flaw in the system.  We wouldn’t want the situation to arise where HO would be pursuing a lost way without consultation with Ramblers group which covers that area.
  • All committee members to familiarise with Head Office’s ‘Don’t Lose the Way’ and sign up for progress updates.
  • Jane will ask Colin Park to contact Keith re Lost Ways.
  • Jane will email walk coordinators after Sunday with proposals re next walk schedule.
  • All committee members to familiarise themselves with ASSEMBLE by logging on and maybe registering.  Convey any thoughts to fellow committee members.
  • Colin to approach HO re possibly extending membership period.
  • Maggie to contact Ann Thompson after Sunday to discuss the feasibility of her coach trip.  Maggie also to advise coach company that September coach trip likely to be cancelled. Maggie to advise Judith that Stockport history tour won’t go ahead.
  • Footpath maintenance coordinator sought. Sue to get Chris’ list of footpath maintenance people.  Draft email to be drawn up by Dave and to be sent to Brian Richardson for his comments.
  • Area letter to be put together by Dave and Jane (Jane to approach other Area groups) to send to Cheshire East re next year’s Rights of Way budget following 20% cut this financial year.
  • Maggie to send link re interactive maps to committee members.

Tuesday 11 August, possibly via Zoom

The meeting closed at approximately 3.30pm

ECR Important Update

Hello to you all.

I thought it would be good to update you on the situation as far as ECR is concerned. We are obviously following all the guidelines which have been issued. Almost all of you will have received the email from Ramblers telling you that all walking and social activities are suspended until at least the 31st of May.

As those of you who lead will realise we start planning the next programme  from as early as the middle of April. This obviously is not going to happen. I have emailed all the coordinators and we have agreed that as soon as we are given the go-ahead to start walking again the programme will go out with requests for people to volunteer for the first couple of weeks very quickly. This will then go onto the website as quickly as is possible. Many of us will have walks left over from this programme so hopefully we will be able to get up and running shortly after we are given the go-ahead.

Now for the social programme For clarity I am listing everything that has been amended or changed so that hopefully this will answer everybody’s questions.

20th March the Stockport guided walk was postponed. Thanks to Maggie who had made this decision prior to the information from Ramblers.

23rd March Footpath Committee meeting cancelled but it will be carrying out most of its functions via email

31st  March Cheshire East PROW consultative meeting cancelled.

4/5 April National Conference which I was attending cancelled

12th April start of strollers programme  postponed until further notice

23rd April Indian meal cancelled

4th to 26th of April long walkers weekend. Cancelled

5th May ECR committee meeting cancelled. The committee is staying in contact via email. 

14th May start of evening walks. Postponed until further notice.

19th to 21st of June Patterdale weekend. I have phoned the company and the hotel is shutting for two months. Staff had just heard this and were absolutely devastated. I have decided to leave it until after May 31 to see what advice comes out from Ramblers and also Nationally. 

25th June coach trip. Ann T will make a decision about this in the middle of May

29th June footpath inspectors gathering postponed

2nd July walk leader training Postponed

Advice is changing almost on an hourly basis but at the moment individuals can go on safe walks as long as they keep 2 m between themselves and anybody else. Due to this guidance the  usual information will be sent out shortly to all footpath inspectors as it is felt that footpath inspections can go ahead. In fact it’s a good way of going for a safe walk and feeling useful at the same time.

Bear in mind that we are being asked, at the moment, to avoid popular walking areas.

Most importantly of all stay safe. Jane Gay Chair. 01625-427444 or 07909682098

Ramblers Association COVID-19 UPDATE

Dear Members

You will have seen the announcements made by the Prime Minister yesterday evening (Monday, 16 March) in relation to COVID-19. We have followed Government advice to date, and we continue to do so now. Your health, and the health of our volunteers and staff comes first.

What does this mean for the Ramblers group walks?

We have sadly had to take the decision to cancel all group walks and social activities from tomorrow (18 March 2020) onwards. This follows the government advice to avoid all unnecessary social contact. We have informed all volunteers today by email and will be updating our website shortly.

Does this mean I can’t walk?

Fresh air and gentle exercise can do a world of good for your mental and physical health.  You can continue to access independent walking routes on our member app and on our website as a member of the Ramblers. The advice from the government is that you can continue to walk outside (staying a safe distance from others), unless you are showing symptoms.

What about my Ramblers membership?

Your membership protects our green spaces, our rights as walkers and helps others to discover the powerful benefits of walking.  

At this time, more than ever, as a wonderful community of members I know you will reach out to support each other in new ways, as we all begin to feel the impact of this unprecedented challenge.

We hope you’ll continue to stand with us as an active member of the Ramblers.

You’ll continue to receive Walk magazineaccess back-copies of Walk magazinereceive discounts on walking gear and have access to independent walks to explore. In the upcoming weeks we’ll provide advice on staying active if you are having to self-isolate, as well as more tips and support on independent walking – which you’ll find on our Facebook page as well as in our regular member emails.

What happens next?

We will keep you updated as we move forwards, so do keep an eye out on our website and in your emails.

The Ramblers has been around for a long time, through the tough days and the bright days. We will continue to fight for the rights of walkers, for the protection of our important green spaces and for the joys of walking.

Together we’re stronger. Thank you for standing with us at this difficult time.

With best wishes,

Sarah Marfleet
Director of membership and fundraising

P.S. I understand some of you will have more questions.  We are working hard to put things in place for all our staff, volunteers and members so please bear with us.  If you do have questions please email

ECR Social Event Indian Meal ‘Bombay To Mumbai’

Bombay To Mumbai
10 Fir Road, Bramhall
Bramhall, SK7 2NP

THURSDAY 23rd April 2020 7.30pm

SET MENU (Including Service)

£25.25 for 3 courses

£21.95 for 2 courses

Last date for booking 16th April 2020 Contact Andy Davies

Ragda Patties (V) Potato patties topped with yellow chickpeas, sweet , spicy and tangy chutneys  
Samosa Chaat (V) Pastry stuffed with potatoes & peas, topped with yogurt, chutneys, salad  
Chicken Lollypop Spices chicken wings shaped as lollypop  
Sheekh Kebab or Chilli Kebab Spicy skewered minced lamb kebab tossed with onion pepper and Indo-Chinese sauces  
Chicken Chilly Fingers of Chicken breast tossed in garlic, onion, peppers & Indo-chinese sauces    
Chana Masala (V) Spicy chickpeas curry prepared with dark brown cooked onions  
Saibhaji(V) Healthy combination of lentil and spinach  
Butter Chicken Mumbai version of Butter chicken.  
Lamb Bhuna Lamb curry slow cooked in Mumbai spices  
Mumbai to Goa Fish Curry Spicy fish curry cooked in fresh homemade paste of coconut and dry red chilli.  
Choose plain rice or pulav rice or plain Naan or plain rice or Garlic naan    
DESSERT   Gulab Jamun or Gajar Halwa or Sticky Toffee Pudding


Thank you to all those involved in organising these events, any suggestions or ideas about an event would be warmly welcomed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on:

Maggie Swindells  07729327940 /01625 829671

Friday 20th March 1.30 pm Stockport Guided Walk with Judith Wilshaw organised by Maggie Swindells
 4th and 5th April   National Conference  Bristol
Friday 12Th April  Start of fortnightly Strollers’ walking programme
Thursday 23rd April ‘Bombay To Mumbai’ Indian Meal – organised by Andy Davies
Friday 24th April to Sunday 26th April Long Walkers Weekend – Aberystwyth to be organised by Colin Park
Thursday 14th May Provisional start of evening walks organised by Steve Hull
Friday 19th to Sunday 21st June Weekend Away  Patterdale organised by Jane Gay
Thursday 25th June Coach Trip Settle organised by Anne Thompson
Monday 29th June ‘Footpath Inspectors Gathering’  3.30 pm Macclesfield Tennis Club organised by the Footpath Committee
Thursday 2nd July ECR Walk Leader Training Macclesfield Tennis Club (more details to follow)
Saturday 4th July Walk with a Ranger organised by Jane Gay
Friday 7th August to Sunday 9th August Long Walkers Weekend – Anglesey (exact location to be decided) to be organised by Steve Hull
Thursday 20th August Meal following final evening walk provisional booking at Farm Made, Rainow organised by Nick Wild
Saturday September 5th Coach Trip to Church Stretton organised by Gina Thompson and Maggie Swindells
Friday 18th to Sunday 20th Sep Ambleside Weekend away – Andy Davies
Saturday 12th September (date change) Walk with a Ranger organised by Jane Gay
Saturday 31st October Ceilidh and Supper at the Victory Hall Mobberley  organised by Tony Battilana
Saturday 14th November 2020 ECR AGM Macclesfield Tennis Club
30th November 2020 Ramblers Association Area AGM
Saturday 5th December Christmas Carol short walk – Jenny Bordoli
Saturday 12th December Week End Christmas Lunch at The Windmill organised by Teresa Marshall preceded by a walk organised by Jane and Frank Gay.

Coronavirus – advice for members and volunteers

Walking is a great way to bring groups of people together, to enjoy the outdoors on foot.  Over 50,000 group walks (and other activities) take place every year, and we take the welfare of our volunteers and members very seriously.

With the spread of coronavirus posing a risk to public health, we’re following government updates and latest NHS advice closely. 

For now, most people can carry on as normal.  Remember you can help to minimise the spread of the virus by:

  • catching coughs and sneezes in a tissue, and throwing them away immediately.
  • washing your hands with soap & water regularly (or using alcohol-based hand sanitiser if not available).
  • avoiding close contact with people who are unwell.

If you think you might have coronavirus, recently returned from a high-risk area, or have been in close contact with someone who is unwell – you should contact the NHS coronavirus service online, or call 111.  There’s a chance that you might be asked to self-isolate, which means staying at home and avoiding public places (including Ramblers group activities).

We’ll continue to monitor the situation, and will update groups and areas via the website and volunteer newsletter.  If any further action is needed (such as the cancellation of walks), we will contact area & group chairs and secretaries directly. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the supporter care team on 020 3961 3232 /

For more information click Coronavirus

Footpath Inspectors Gathering

Monday 29th June – ‘Footpath Inspectors Gathering’

All current Footpath Inspectors and their partners are invited to a ‘Gathering’ to be held at Macclesfield Tennis Club (off Park Lane SK11 8LF) starting at 3.30pm.

This is both a social event and will allow intention of some interaction with the ECR Footpath Committee to discuss the annual inspection process, learn how the past results have been put to good use and to strive for consistency in future  inspections. After a brief presentation there will be time for ‘questions and answers’ and then informal discussion over tea and biscuits. Partners of the Footpath Inspectors are also very welcome, particularly as we know that many of them assist in the Inspection Task. We expect the event will be concluded by 5pm.

The main event will be preceded by a short walk starting at 1pm until 3pm open to all attendees, probably around part of the Alderley Edge National Trust area and we may try to direct the walk past some examples of footpath problems and the efforts of our footpath maintenance team.

More details will be circulated to the Footpath Inspectors during March – but in the meantime please put this date in your diaries