Risk Assessments Sub-Committee

Brian Griffiths reports that in this age of increasing litigation, the Ramblers insurance company has requested that each group carries out risk assessments in order to minimise claims. The critical areas identified are listed below:-

  • Climbing over wooden stiles.
  • Climbing over stone stiles
  • Descending steep, wet and grassy slopes.
  • Ascending rocky gullies.
  • Traversing boggy moorland.
  • Traversing streambeds
  • Crossing ploughed fields.
  • Crossing golf courses.
  • Passing fields of ewes with lambs.
  • Walking with Brian Griffiths and Ralph Atherton

Brian will chair a subcommittee with ten members each of whom will take responsibility for producing one of the above risk assessments. Brian expects he will easily enlist ten ECR members to serve on his subcommittee. Please ring him to volunteer, and act quickly to be sure of your place. Meanwhile he asks all members to take care and use common sense when out and about.

Brian Griffiths