Group walk report 21st April

A perfect spring day by Ladybower Reservoir

Despite a fine and sunny Sunday it was a fairly small attendance for this walk from Hope in Derbyshire.

Setting off from the village we headed north on a path between houses before making the long ascent to the summit of the 462 metre Win Hill which today was very busy with walkers enjoying the fine weather.

After a break on the summit we descended north on a much quieter path and later passing through pine woods to reach the path that runs around the southern shore of Ladybower Reservoir. This very popular path was followed around to the dam at Ladybower Reservoir.
The reservoir is the largest of the three lakes in the Derwent Valley and was built between 1935 and 1943 but work was slow owing to the outbreak of World War II which resulted in a shortage of labour. The dam is 500 feet wide and is mostly constructed of a clay-cored earth embankment. Deep beneath the water nowadays is the former village of Ashopton and roads along the valley had to be diverted and now run over the Ashopton and Ladybower Viaducts.
After crossing the dam we next descended to Yorkshire Bridge before ascending to the Thornhill Trail. The trail runs along the course of a former narrow gauge railway, specially built to transport materials to build the Ladybower Reservoir. A large bench here was our lunch stop.

Our walk over to the small and attractive village of Aston was on a pleasant hill path. Aston has many interesting and picturesque cottages and the historic Aston Hall dates from 1578.
Descending across pastures towards Hope we rounded off the walk with a visit to a tea room.

Thornhill Lane at Aston on a peaceful spring afternoon.

Marion and Unice meet a freindly horse and its owner in Aston.

Relaxing at the end of a walk with a ice cream and a cup of tea, complete with footrests. Courtyard Tearooms, Hope