Risk Assessment Update May 2022

Group Walks | Risk Assessments

At General Council in April 2022, two motions relating to risk assessments were debated. One of the motions suggested risk assessments should be removed completely, and the other that they are simplified. While the discussions were varied and wide-ranging, both motions were passed.  

The board will now review the motions and while this takes place, risk assessments must continue to be completed prior to group walks.   

Walk leaders have always done a fantastic job of offering safe, enjoyable walks and they assess risk skillfully and diligently. At the same time, our legal duty of care to all those acting on the Ramblers’ behalf means our approach to risk management needs to be evidence-based. Without this approach, walk leaders and indeed the Ramblers, may not be able to defend potential claims made against individuals, groups, or the Ramblers more widely. These are the considerations the board will take into account during the review. 

We’ll share an update from the board later in the year. Until then, thank you for continuing to deliver thousands of brilliant walking experiences each week across GB. Remember, you can find the risk assessment template and more information on Assemble.

Please click here to download the current Risk Assessment Proforma