Cheshire East Ramblers AREA AGM 2020


Dear Rambler

The area AGM of Cheshire East area will take place on 30th November 2020 at 7:30pm It will not be a face to face,  in-person meeting but an online one (probably using zoom) to ensure that we COVID secure.

Due to the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic there has been very limited activity at the area level since the last AGM.

The AGM is being held to fulfill our obligation to Ramblers articles and standing orders and to appoint the “legal company members” (General Council members).

Due to the limited activity we do not anticipate there will be anything other than the reporting of activity and accounts and the election of members to the committee and to council.

The current officers are:

Chair:  Jane Gay

Secretary:  Steve Butterfield

Treasurer: Jeanette Clark

Membership secretary:  Steve Butterfield

General Council members:  Jane Gay and Steve Butterfield

All members are welcome to attend this meeting. If you wish to do so please would you email the Secretary by Monday 23rd November 2020.

If any member has an item they wish to be discussed could this be sent to the secretary no later than Monday 16th November 2020.

A copy of this notice will be placed on the web sites of the 3 groups that make up Cheshire East Area, namely Congleton, East Cheshire and South Cheshire.

Also, the agenda, minutes of the 2109 AGM and the financial report will be placed on each website.

Best wishes and hoping we all stay safe and well

Steve Butterfield


Cheshire East Area

Annual General Meeting

Monday, 30th November, 2020 at 7:30pm


1        Chairman’s welcome

2        Minutes of Last Year’s AGM and matters arising 

3        Report on the work of Cheshire East area since the last AGM

5        Finance – Treasurer’s report

6        Election of Officers and independent examiner of accounts

7        National Council delegates

8        Discussion of any motions and any changes to the constitution –     (this to be delayed until a future date due to current restrictions)

9        AOB

Draft      Minutes of Cheshire East Area Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, 3rd December, 2019 at 7:30pm

The Hawk Inn Haslington, Crewe


Trish Montgomery, Jane Gay, Trevor Park, Jeanette Clarke, Steve Butterfield, Jim Eckersley, Liz Osborn, John Peck, Ivor Finney, Dave Barraclough, Sue Munslow, Ken Cambell, Dr. Peter Rookes (Vice Chair Ramblers Trustees),

1        Chairman’s welcome: Trish welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2        Minutes of Last Year’s AGM: the minutes of the 2018 AGM were agreed to    be accurate, having already been circulated.

Matters Arising:  there were no matters arising

3        Finance:  Jeanette Clarke circulated a copy of the income, expenditure and balance sheet. Everyone was happy with the accounts.

  East Cheshire Area   2018/19  
INCOME 2018/19    
From RAHQ     £3,000
Congleton £950  
East Cheshire £1,200  
South Cheshire £850  
Total Income £3,000  
Total Expenditure £3,000  
Profit/Loss for the year 0  
Bank Balance BF 0.36  
Unity Bank Account 0.36  

4        Election of Officers:

Chair: Jane Gay (East Cheshire)

Secretary: Steve Butterfield

Treasurer: Jeanette Clarke

General Council:

Two representatives from East Cheshire (To be determined at a later date)

5        Development of Walk Leadership Training

Trish reported on attending a ramblers meeting in Crewe earlier this year where walk leadership was discussed. Trevor reported on a walk leaders’ day planned by south Cheshire.  Jane discussed the walk leader training event run by East Cheshire where ramblers went out in small groups during the afternoon of the session to put into practice the ideas developed during training.

Action Point: It was agreed that there should be liaison between the three groups and to run joint training events related to walk leadership.

Action Point: to hold a meeting of the website managers from the three groups to have a walk finder on the website of each group and to develop a library of walks that all members could search and use.

6        First Aid course and First Aid packs

Congleton and South Cheshire reported on the ramblers organised first aid training events they had attended.

Whilst it was recognised that the training attended had been useful, it was agreed that there is a need for more advanced training to cater for those who did more remote walks.

The need for winter first aid packs to include survival bags and emergency tents was discussed.

 Action Point: It was agreed that we should agree and share the contents of a winter first aid kit between the three groups.

Jane suggested that one ICE card per rambler is probably not enough given that they may use more than one rucksack?

Ken suggested the need for all ramblers to have their emergency information on the medical ID section of their smartphones. (This can be accessed by emergency workers without the need to unlock the phone or knowing the log on details)

7        Presentation from Dr. Peter Rookes

I have included Peter’s PowerPoint presentation with the email that accompanies these minutes.

We had asked Peter to discuss a number of issues; Digital developments, Health walks and an update on Don’t Lose Your Way (DLYW)

He began with his experience of working with the U3A and proposed a possible partnership between Ramblers and the U3A.

Peter also mentioned the importance of the resolutions put before the National council and the need for 2 representatives from each area. Possibly, one experienced in attending General Councils, and one who is new.

7a  Short Health Walks:  Peter raised some very interesting points and opened our eyes to some developments that were taking place at a National level. He emphasised that some Short Health Walks could be aimed at those new to walking and to those who felt that they were unable to join in with the usual programme of walks. Peter said that Ramblers were developing this and had funding from Sport and Health England. Trish made the point that anyone leading such walks may need specialist training to enable walkers to get the most out of the Short Health Walk experience.

Peter also gave another example of CRUSE friendship walks. (CRUSE, being the group linking people who have been bereaved). He said there were pilot areas namely; Birmingham, Bristol, London and Manchester.

7b  Walking Neighbourhoods: Peter mentioned the need to look at local neighbourhood plans to see how rambling and the footpath network fitted into the neighbourhood plan.

For our discussion: Should there be an area footpath secretary to advise the groups on what is happening across the Cheshire East Area?

7c  Coastal Path: Peter reported that the 2700 mile coastal path is due to be completed in 2020, supported by the local authorities.

7d  Network Rail: There were problems with Network rail trying to close pedestrian crossings and HS2 will inevitably have an impact as well. Ramblers, along with other groups are currently opposing this.

Action Point:  Ask Diane Simcoe to clarify the position relating to railway crossings and HS2 in Cheshire East.

7e:  Advocacy: Peter discussed advocacy in relation to the Ramblers and the need to diversify the lead walk offer in order to promote membership growth. He mentioned more flexibility, variety, breadth, and the need to improve variety.

Trish linked this to the need for better marketing.

Action Point:  Peter Rookes to take back the message that there is a need for a leaflet which could be given to walkers laying out the advantages of walking with the Ramblers as opposed to other affiliated groups.

We also discussed the need to encourage U3A to contribute funds to the Ramblers.

7f. 3 Year Strategy: Peter outlined the 3 year strategy of the Ramblers (please read the section in Peter’s PowerPoint)

His last point was to re-emphasise the recommendation that Area’s clarify and confirm the processes for appointing those members who will attend General Council and who will be Council members for that year.

Action Point: Find out about the role of Trustees and circulate to all 3 groups.

7g:  DLYW:  Steve went thought the PowerPoint presentation sent by Dominic Tooze from the Ramblers which outlined the roles of Jack Cornish and Dominic Tooze and showed the digital map they were developing to identify the potential lost ways that would be claimed and put forward to the local councils.

There was some discussion about this and there were positive comments relating to the developments taking place. However, the concerns about potential costs and how the lost ways to be promoted would be prioritised was still a major concern for some members.

Action Point: To look at the criteria of prioritising which lost ways would gain support and be taken forward and to look at how this is then fed back to those claiming for the  lost ways. Would it be possible to arrange another meeting with either Dominic or Jack and the footpath secretaries to clarify this prioritisation and how the costs will work in practice.

(I have attached Dominic’s PowerPoint presentation with the email that goes with these minutes)

8        Cheshire East groups liaising to share good practices

It was agreed that there had been several action points for liaison discussed already.

9        Other Business

Sue asked that the selection of members to attend General council should be on the agenda of the next meeting (Hopefully you will have spotted that I added it to the election of officers section – it needs to be on next year’s agenda under election of officers).

Meeting closed at 10:20 (approx.)

In Memory of our Treasurer Philip Lund

Philip was the Area Treasurer from November 2010 – February 2017

Philip passed away on the 8th November 2019.  Following a cremation at Crewe Crematorium a service of celebration will be held at the Crown Hotel, Nantwich on Monday 2nd December at 2.00 pm.

Ramblers Association Cheshire East Area 2019/20
Income 2019/20
From RAHQ Payments Received 1262.00  
Expenditure 2019/20
Congleton 167.00    
East Cheshire 800.00    
South Cheshire 295.00    
Balance Sheet 2019/20
Total Income 1262.00
Total Expenditure 1262.00
Profit/Loss for year 0.00
Bank balance BF 0.36 0.36
Unity Bank Account 0.36 0.36