Covid-19 Guidance When Out Walking

Dear Members

Some things will be different when you attend walks.

Walks are limited to 30. I don’t think this is going to be a problem but if you turn up and there are more than 30 people on the walk you will  not be able to join them.

Walk leaders may wish to further limit the numbers on the walks. This will be clear on the programme and there will be details of how to contact the leader and register for the walk. Once the number has been reached then a “walk full” message will appear on the website.

The leader will need to take a register; some leaders may ask you to sign in so bringing a pen or a pencil may be a good idea. Also bringing your membership card will help if the walk leader decides to use the Ramblers app to register. This register is for Track Trace and will be destroyed after 21 days.

Obviously hand sanitiser is also good to be carrying. The advice is not to share drinks, food or walking poles.

The latest guidance on social distancing must also be observed. This will be difficult at pinch points like styles so please stay vigilant and alert and gently remind others if you think it is necessary.

Unfortunately people who are within local lock down areas will not be able to attend our walks as there is a limit on the number of people they can meet in the outdoors. Let’s hope this situation will improve soon.

All the latest guidance is available in recent posts on the website. Please try to make time to read it before attending a walk!

All of this is dependent on walkers being prepared to lead. Obviously no one must feel under any pressure to lead and many will not feel that now is the right time to do so.  This clearly could have a knock-on effect on the number of walks we are able to offer but all we can do is ask for volunteers and wait and see what happens.

Hoping that you have all got through this strange time and are now looking forward to being able to return to some form of normality and get out walking again.

Any observations or comments that you would like to make then please feel happy to email me.