Good afternoon to you all

First and foremost I hope that everybody has had a safe lockdown. I do know that for some it has been a more difficult time than for others. It would seem that we are slowly returning to at least something that appears to be more like normal.

You will all have received the latest information from Ramblers which talks about small walking groups of up to 6 people. I have discussed this with the committee and all the walks coordinators. We all feel that for a club as large as ours there is little point in formal walking program which can only take five walkers. The amount of work that this would involve seems too far outweigh the benefit to the small number of people who would be able to walk in a formal programme.

People are forming groups of friends and organising walks amongst themselves. These are not Ramblers walks and are not insured. I think everybody realises this.

Small groups of friends can be set up using WhatsApp or email. If people want to do this but don’t have contact details of others please request these details by the 10th of July. I can then contact the person whose details are being requested and ask them if they are happy for me to share them. I will then hopefully pass these details on.

Obviously there lots of different ways of organising these groups of six but it has to be clear that this is an informal arrangement between friends which I am facilitating by sharing email addresses. Any walks which occur as a result of this arrangement are informal group walks and not Ramblers walks.

I am just giving you advanced notice that the trip to Ambleside in September has been postponed. The updated social program is now available on the website.

Patterdale has also been postponed until next June. I have made a booking for 18-21st June 2021. I have already informed all those who have booked on this year but I have booked additional rooms for anybody else who wishes to join us. If you would like me to send you the details of this year’s weekend so you have an idea of what to expect next year then please just email me. If you are happy to make a booking then the person you need to phone is Sam on (01253) 754260

Jane Gay 01625-427444