East Cheshire Ramblers Group Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Monday 11th November 2019

East Cheshire Ramblers Group Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Monday 11th November 2019

1. Present

Jane Gay – Chair

Colin Finlayson – Treasurer

Sue Munslow – Membership Secretary

Kathryn Carty

Keith Anderson

Adrian Flinn – Secretary

David Barraclough and Maggie Swindells

2. Matters arising from last meeting (held on 2 September 2019)

2.1 The “value for the cost of the subscription”. Not yet raised with Central Office. Action: Colin Finlayson to report at next meeting

2.2 Sharing car usage through a dedicated App created by RA. Not a Central Office priority as they have other more important IT projects on going.  The Committee will encourage groups of individuals to set up WhatsApp groups to contact each other and arrange lifts to the walks starting points. Action: Jane Gay will raise at the forthcoming 2019 AGM

2.3 Safeguarding Information (children and vulnerable adults). Pending – forward to next meeting. Action: Secretary to add to agenda

2.4 Walk grade descriptions (given in our ECR website under “About “ tab and FAQ’s document to be updated to reflect any changes). Not implemented yet to allow for further discussions to take place and to be finalized at next Committee meeting. Action: Jane Gay

2.5 Continuity of future Footpath Maintenance project work. No contact with the Project Coordinator yet and this matter will be discussed at the next Committee meeting following the AGM. Action: Jane Gay

2.6 Contact with Central Office on Lost Ways.No contact with Jack Cornish made yet. Action: Dave Barraclough to make contact and report at next Committee meeting

In addition, the Committee will request the outgoing Project Coordinator of our ECR Lost Ways project to set out the next steps needed to take the project forward and help to recruit a replacement. Action: Adrian Flinn to contact Colin Park with this request

3. New Issues

3.1 Review and finalise arrangements for the 2019 AGM. Everything is ready for the AGM on 23rd November 2019.

3.2 Review of Recce charges. A rough framework was discussed and final details will be finalized/approved at the next Committee meeting. Action: Colin Finlayson /Jane Gay

3.3 Fundraising activities for charities under the banner of ECR. Two members want to independently organize sponsor walks next summer to raise money for The Christie to build an annex in Macclesfield to serve cancer patients in East Cheshire and other surrounding counties. The Secretary contacted Central Office (CO) for advice on what ECR can or cannot do to help under the Rambles Association (RA) rules on fund raising for other charities. The questions posed to RA and their response in given in the Appendix. The Committee discussed the advice and agreed that the guidelines given were very clear. Action: Adrian Flinn will forward the information in the Appendix to the two members for their information and so they can understand the scope of the support that ECR can provide to the two individuals to raise money through sponsor walks for this very worthy cause.

Date of next meeting

Monday 3rd February 2020 at 1.30 pm at Chair house

Adrian Flinn – Secretary (12.11.2019)


From: Adrian Flinn <adrianflinn43@gmail.com>

Subject: East Cheshire Ramblers – Fund raising 

Date: 31 October 2019 at 16:28:48 GMT

To: fundraising@ramblers.org.uk


I would be grateful if you could provide advice on a question of sponsored walks . Our Committee would like to know for the avoidance of doubt whether under the rules of the Ramblers Association (RA)  we can support two of our members that they want to organise independently a series of sponsored walks next summer to raise money for a very worthy cause (not RA). The organisers wish to advertise these walks under the banner of our East Cheshire Ramblers Group (ECR) and use our bulk email system to inform our members and post the walks details in our website. If this is not permitted under the RA rules what are we allowed to do to help the organisers to raise money for a worthy cause not related to the RA.

I look forward to receiving your response on this matter.


Adrian Flinn

ECR Committee Secretary 

James Austin (Ramblers)  Nov 6, 11:17 GMT  Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your email. 

These situations are always tricky – we always want to support good causes but as a charity we are tightly bound by the charity commissions rules on fundraising for other charities.

The charity commissions rules state the the Ramblers state that we can only fund-raise for other charities provided that it helps deliver our own mission – so you need to consider the objectives of the charity that you’re planning to raise funds for.  If their objectives are consistent with ours, then it is appropriate to fund-raise for them (an example would be raising funds for the South West Coast Path Association to maintain the coastal path).  However if the charity’s objectives are different, it isn’t appropriate to raise funds for them.  This applies to all fundraising, regardless of the scale or activity.

We can also help charities who do not share our charitable objectives to put on events – but we’d urge caution.  For example, we can share our expertise (by organising walks), as this is part of our role in providing information, advice and guidance to enable people to go walking.  However any such events must be covered by the insurance of other charity.

If the organisers in this case wish to advertise the walk under the banner of ‘East Cheshire Ramblers’ and run the event under Ramblers insurance etc. then I believe this would be in contravension of the charity commission rules. If they chose to run the walks seperately, but you wanted to advertise the event (but not insure, run or organise it) then I believe that this would be allowed within the charity commission rules. Alternatively, you could organise a joint fundraising event – for example with 50% of proceeds would be donated to the Ramblers, and 50% to your partner charity – and this would be fine of the Ramblers to promote and organise.

I hope that helps? If you have any questions or issues do let us know.

Best Wishes,

James James Austin
Delivery Officer