Exploring the Cheshire Highlands

You didn’t know our home county had highlands?  Neither did I but author Jeff Kent knows different.  He has identified 46 hills in Cheshire at least 1000 feet in height and written a book describing them.  There is an account of his own round of the ‘Cheshire Kents’, a description of each of the peaks and nineteen circular walks climbing them from low ground thus giving an impression of their real height. So if you’ve finished your Munros, Corbetts, Marilyns,  Nuttalls,  Hewitts and Deweys and are looking for a new challenge why not have a go at the Kents?  The book is in the shops for £12.75 or you can get a signed copy from Jeff at witan@mail.com

Cheshire's 1,000-Foot Peaks Front Cover