First Aid Training in Macclesfield – March 20th

Just to let you know that the area is running a first aid course which is a pilot for the Ramblers nationally. 
The date is the 20th of March at the St John’s  Centre, High Street in Macclesfield. There are 2 sessions starting at 9-30 and 2-00 and lasting 3.5 hours with a maximum of 12 on each course. There are 3 groups in the area so we have approximately 8 places each. Members of the committee are taking up 3 of those places. There is no cost. 
Below is an outline of the course.

The course will cover the basics, as well as the incidents most commonly encountered on Ramblers walks.  It is practical, and scenario-based – with examples from real incidents which have taken place on walks.  It will include how to deal with unresponsive casualties, resuscitation, bone & joint injuries, sprains & strains, what to do if someone begins to experience chest pains, and the difficulties you may encounter when walking in different temperatures.
If you would like to attend please let me know. Ideally I’m hoping people can be flexible and attend either am or pm  but if not please let me know which session you want to attend.
 It will be on a first come first served basis but I’m also hoping to have a waiting list as I’m not sure the other groups will take up their full quota. 

Jane     01625 427444 ( has answer phone)