Walk report 22nd December – Prestbury

A few minutes of magical sunlight on a otherwise dull December day.

Perhaps as nearly everyone was doing their last minute Christmas shopping there was only a small band of walkers setting off for this nine mile walk from Springfields Car Park in Prestbury. With the weather being rather showery, the group, led by Helen Menzies did a figure of eight walk and first set off from the village by heading southwest on Chelford Road before taking the path across Prestbury Golf Course. It wasn’t long before we had to take a path diversion to avoid the large construction site for the new King’s School but this did take us on a temporary path which was new ground for all of us and this skirted the south eastern edge of Big Wood.
After a coffee stop, the group headed through Big Wood to emerge onto the Chelford Road once more and headed west before taking the path north to Withinlee Road. This road then Castle Hill was followed back into Prestbury where the group stopped in Parrott’s Field for lunch. The church bells were ringing whilst we had our lunch on this rather grey winter’s day and afterwards we set off on our second loop east following paths to skirt Tytherington Golf Course. To reach Lowerhouse we walked via a rather muddy Dumbah Hollow and later via Mount Farm.
The highlight of the day came on our walk north to Whiteley Green when the sun finally decided to shine brightly for a few minutes to give some magical winter light backed by dark clouds. Setting a course for Prestbury, we headed along Holehouse Lane before taking the path to Butley Town then another path to the edge of Prestbury just as the afternoon light was beginning to fade.

The track southwest of Whiteley Green during a brief spell of bright December sunshine.