Volunteers required – Lost Paths

I have now got to the stage where I have got together evidence to be able to start the process of making a claim for some lost paths that lie in our area. To process this task further I would be grateful if we could have volunteers to help to make these claims. It will be beneficial if anyone that is interested to make themselves known to me, and then I can go through what is required prior to the training session(s).The British Horse Society and the Ramblers are organising two local training sessions on howto about the process of claiming ‘lost paths’.

These training sessions are being held at Sheffield on Saturday 3rd November and at Bramhall on the 4th of November and the link below gives all the details;-

For Sheffield event


Adrian Flinn and I are able to attend the training session in Sheffield on the 3rd of November but not the one at Bramhall on the 4th of November. I can provide transport from the Macclesfield area.

For Bramhall event


Colin Park