Malham Coach walk

A few photographs from the Malham ‘long walk’ on Saturday 14th July. A great walk led by Brian Griffiths.

Its about time for a scramble. The way ahead involves climbing the waterfall which on this occasion had dried up.

The climb begins whilst others long on anxiously.

A view down into the abyss at Gordale Scar. The long walkers ascended out of this.

The climb continues to reach the plateau.

Heading towards the morning coffee break above Gordale Scar.

The long walkers lunch stop with a view towards Darnbrook.

Afternoon break beside Malham Tarn. (Panoramic view).

Smiling faces as the group walk along Ing Scar.

Making the descent beside Malham Cove.

The view back towards Malham Cove towards the end of the 13.5 mile long walk.